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Benares Madrid Restaurant

This project won the first prize in the Building Automation category in the VIII Edición Premios a la mejor Instalación Domótica y mejor Instalación Inmótica (VIII Edition of the Awards for Best Home and Building Automation Installations) of the Community of Madrid.

Location and project type

Control of lighting system in Benares Madrid restaurant, led by renowned Indian chef Atul Kochhar.


The Benares Madrid restaurant is located in Zurbano street, in the district of Chamberí of the Spanish capital. The restaurant is led by Atul Kochhar, a renowned Indian chef awarded with two Michelin stars, and the first Indian chef in the world to received one.

The original Benares restaurant ( opened in 2003 in London, and soon came to be regarded as one of the world's best Indian restaurants.

Following the same philosophy and sophisticated style as its London-based namesake, the recently opened (2015) Benares Madrid restaurant aims to combine tradition with modernity. Taking inspiration from his native India, Atul Kochhar has managed to create a unique space, full of textures, with exotic views to a yard with water features and pictures from India's holy city of Varanasi, from which the Benares takes its name.

From a technical standpoint, one of the main highlights in this project is the complex lighting design, which comprises around 50 lighting circuits of different types, most of them dimmable LEDs.

One of the key project requirements was to define multiple lighting setups in order to create different atmospheres for every place within the restaurant. Many factors had to be considered, including the time of the day (noon, evening, night) and the ambient lighting conditions (sunny days, cloudy weather, etc.) An Iddero HC1i-KNX touch panel was selected to fulfill this requirement. Scenes, logic functions and time schedules were combined, taking full advantage of the touch panel's capabilities. During the commissioning process, the technical team and the interior designers worked side by side creating, configuring and adjusting each desired lighting atmosphere with pinpoint accuracy.

The lighting scenes can be easily activated by the staff from the touch panel itself, or from a set of Jung KNX push buttons that have been installed for this purpose.

The lighting control system also controls the exterior lighting of the facade. Once again, advanced functions from the Iddero HC1i-KNX touch panel, such as scenes and time schedules, have been used.

Finally, the building automation system also includes a complete control system for multiroom audio and video surveillance, which can be managed easily from a PC and/or iPad.

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